A few exciting examples of innovation in technology for you to know

From the food industry to the growth of network connections, many industries keep on supplying large illustrations of innovative developments, whether it be about their operations, their products, or their purpose.

One among the greatest steps towards producing sustainable cities and communities will be to create an effective grid system, for several factors. Working towards this type of innovative shared goal, different industries are chipping in with their pertinent contributions: a perfect instance of this is the network and interaction field. With the introduction of 5G connections almost imminent, numerous service providers are actively taking part in the research to develop it and make it accessible as soon as possible, as backed by figures like Telecom Italia’s US activist shareholder. This more reliable and stronger set of connections will pave the way for the so-called Internet of Things, one of the largest transformations in terms of industry innovation and infrastructure that we will watch in the next couple of decades, possibly, which will be the key to monitoring household and community needs and provide for them in an efficient and sustainable way.

A field that is sometimes involved in coming to sustainable development goals is the design sector: whether it is through innovative concepts or eco-friendly production operations, particularly in the product design business, we can observe numerous examples of this occurrence. One among the greatest cross industry innovation examples can be seen in the collaborations between manufacturers of products we utilise everyday and high fashion designers, implementing aesthetics in a functional way, and at the same time employing their profile to promote environmentally friendly practices, as is the case with 24Bottles’ partnership with a British fashion house. A result of these collaborations can also be the fact that what used to be luxury goods can now be accessible to the basic public, even if simply as a print or label on their re-usable water bottle. Broadening the market will be effective for both enterprises, and it will draw in a bigger clientele, in this case with fashion lovers on one side and ecologically aware consumers on the other.

An business that calls for a lot more technology than one would initially anticipate is the food sector. Whether it is manufacturing or processing ingredients in techniques that follow the pertinent guidelines, or packaging and distributing it, or applying it as a buyer, patterns of responsible consumption and production have actually recently become much more renowned, something that Eataly’s Franco-Italian venture capital investors are obviously knowledgeable about. Numerous examples of innovation in business are sometimes driven by the expectations of their target market, and in this case, those needs may request that production techniques are fair and sustainable, and that those ideals are followed all through the processing and distribution process.

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